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Our Process 

Our firm operates primarily remotely. We allow you to complete everything from the comfort of your home and we keep you updated by email, phone, or text - your choice! Ditch the traditional law firm and call FC Legal Group PLC. to get your case started. 


Initial Consultation

Thinking about getting started? Have some questions? Schedule a consult with our principal attorney - this consult can be over Zoom, phone, or in person. Prior to your consultation you will be sent a questionnaire requesting preliminary information about your situation (no personal information required). 


At your initial consult the attorney will answer all of your questions and explain the debt collection or bankruptcy process to you. We will come up with a game plan together and get started as soon as you are ready! 

Invoice and Intake 

Ready to get started? Our office will discuss pricing and send over an invoice for payment prior to opening your case. Once payment has been made our office will send over a secure intake form requesting your information and documents - which you can upload or mail to us. 

Once your intake form is received by our office our attorney will review it and begin the application process. Your application will be submitted within one week of receiving all required information. 

Submission through Completion 

Now is when the work begins! Once your case is open we will continue to monitor the status and keep you posted on whatever is required of you along with any potential upcoming Court dates and what to expect moving forward. 

We give clients the option to receive updates via text, email, or phone. 

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