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The Law Firm

Practicing Since 2020

Learn more about our firm on this page! Our main purpose is assisting clients and simplifying the process while keeping it affordable. 

FC Legal Group THE Law Firm

Our Vision

Our firm aims to simplify the bankruptcy and debt collection processes while also ensuring clients have the upmost control. Traditional law firms have been the go-to but with todays technology it is now possible for clients to be involved and updated in the process from Day 1. 

The traditional brick and mortar law firm offer an application and very little involvement - clients feel left in the dark and waiting to hear back from their attorney about what is going on in their case. 

FC Legal Group understands and adapts to the modern world to ensure that our clients obtain fast results to get their fresh start in life. Our entire process is direct, concise, and can be done online. We assist clients through every step of the way and offer constant guidance, updates, and results. 

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Ms. Fatme Chehadeh 

Principal Attorney 

FC Legal Group PLC. was founded by Fatme Chehadeh, a Michigan licensed attorney. Ms. Chehadeh started out by opening her own small firm with herself as the sole attorney and in forming that law firm, realized her love for advocating. Ms. Chehadeh prides herself on her communication skills and aims to keep her clients informed and involved in their cases. 

Who Works With Us? 

The Glory of a Good Lawyer

Is to Win a Bad Trial.

( Balzac)

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In a world where every person has multiple things going on at one time and a million things on their minds, when we are working on a clients case - it is our primary focus. 

We make it a point to be as attentive as possible when representing our clients. 

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